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About Us

Project Bungalows has emerged as one of the premier renovators of Bungalow Homes in the Houston Heights Area. Our main focus resides in concept development, design and implementation for home renovations, additions and new construction in historic neighborhoods and urban infill.


We strongly believe in the character of the buildings and its contribution to the area where it is located. Therefore, we strive to update bungalows while respecting their traditional craftsmanship and architecture. We purchase run down bungalow style homes with the goal of restoring them to the glory that is the Houston bungalow. The long history of charming bungalow homes both in the United States and abroad encourages us to maintain the integrity of the bungalow style.


We don't consider ourselves as a mere renovator of old homes. Instead, we see Project Bungalows as a vehicle to recover the architectural history of our young and always developing city. We lead our company with the vision of a movement more than an enterprise, with the highest standards and ethics, infusing energy to the current market and bringing quality products.


Project Bungalows have completed many residential projects in new construction, renovation, and restorations in The Heights area. We invite you to read some of the testimonials we had received from previous and current clients.


Chatting with us is just a click ahead. Send us a note, we'll be pleased to respond to any of your inquires.


For specific information you can reach Sergio Pejoves, Principal dialing (561)316-9948 or via e-mail at




Project Bungalows is a proud member of the Houston Heights Association.

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